Ryan Scott Dawson Photography



Opened the door a crack wide enough for the entire world to pass through.
— Gabriel García Márquez

Sometimes I am a sceptic of happenstance, or fate, but it always seems like Mackenzie and I were destined to work together. The beginning of our time at Suffolk University was peppered with random, chance encounters. We often didn't seem eye to eye, we didn't have the same friends, but for some reason our orbits would collide. In 2013, we found ourselves in the same orientation group for our Australian study abroad program. All it took was a little bit of luck, timing, and Australian box wine to bring us together. 

As fate would also have it, Mackenzie happened to run a very successful fashion blog (Mackinstyle). We enjoyed our time in Australia and eventually drifted back out of each other's orbits as new friends, who knew they would cross paths again. Each year our mutual friend, Maddie, would host a reunion for everyone in our orientation group to get together for a relaxing weekend at her lake house. Again Mackenzie and I’s paths crossed. She mentioned that she was in need of a photographer for her website. And the rest, is as they say, history. Below are some of the shoots we collaborated on. Check ‘em out below and visit her site for more content.

Mackinstyle July '17

Mackinstyle April '17

Mackinstyle November '16

Mackinstyle October '16